Treasure Hunt – Week of May 22nd, 2017 –

For the ultimate Father’s Day gift (hint hint to the wives reading this blog), this is absolutely a great value considering shipping is included in the price.

If you bought the bargain priced Whalen workbench from Costco and feel the need to complete the “look”, here are two matching tool chests with the same dark stained rubber wood to go with it.  The price is very good but the additional shipping charge is unfortunately (a whopping $200 for the 41″ tool chest) and absurdly high.


Item #707636 Whalen 72″ Metal and Wood Workbench Out-Of-Stock ONLINE!

I thought the 72″ Whalen industrial workbench was very popular and is sold out at pretty much at all Costco Warehouses in the Bay Area, and from reading online, apparently everywhere else.  What I didn’t know is that they are in such high demand that people are willing to spend the $150 S&H to order one on! Nonetheless, even at $450 (with the S&H), I still believe this item is worth way more (at least $600) for something comparable.  I was fortunate to purchase one at the warehouse and will write up review in the next couple of days, but the quality, fit and finish is second to none and is literally a steal at $300 and even $450.  I am so happy to have received one as a gift from the wife.


Please ignore the Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors game at the bottom right of the screen.  Watching Warriors basketball and shopping on – what could be better than that, right?!

Costco San Jose – Item #707636 – Whalen 72″ Workbench

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Oh man I saw this on–Metal-and-Wood-Workbench-.product.100318497.html

And was totally drooling over it until I saw the $150 S&H which is half the cost of the work bench itself!  Ouch. usually includes S&H into the price but recently I have seen them make it an additional fee.  Profits must be slipping or something for them to start charging it separately.  Luckily for San Jose and Bay Area members, you can find this (so far) at the Costco on Senter Road and Almaden Expressway for the cash and carry price of $299.99 + tax!  If only I didn’t spend my Christmas allowance I would totally get this.  What a beauty she is and totally adds to the man cave look.  I believe it comes with heavy duty castors which wasn’t on the live display model but the page.