When Amazon has significantly better pricing than Costco.

I was in the market for a Lifetime folding kids table and was about to pull the trigger on Costco.com ($74.99) but luckily I had an Amazon price watch widget installed on my Chrome browser.  The Amazon widget gives me their prices on products I search for on the Internet and is a very handy tool.  Of course Costco always wins the pricing war hands down so when this product popped up on the widget, it was a whopping $25 less at $49.87 and with Prime shipping!  I thought for sure it was a mistake and went directly to Amazon’s site to see if it was too good to be true.  Yup, it was true so I was little disappointed that Costco’s price for this item was 50% higher.  I double checked for any differences or included accessories and it’s basically apples for apples.  Take a look at the screen shot below:

By the way great table for the kids that is easy to clean and folds up for compact storage.  Check out the reviews on both Amazon’s and Costco’s website if you’re interested.  I wished Costco would have carried this table in a different color (green or blue?) – I probably would have spent the extra $25 for those colors instead of the generic off-white that most Lifetime tables come in.

What’s new over at Costco.com Monday!

Not much that I could search for and under the “What’s New” tab.  However, I saw these two interesting but out-of-stock items on Costco.com.  I am mostly interested in the Lifetime Kid’s folding picnic table.  Hopefully they’ll have it back in stock soon


Here’s some other interesting finds in case you have similar tastes.

Interesting enough the Dyson V7 (30 min) has specs in between the V6  (20 min) and V8 (40 min). I am not quite sure why Dyson would do this considering the price differential is minimal between a V7 and V8 is minimal.  Here are the specs for the three models.  Oddly enough the Dyson V8 is currently unavailable on Costco.com.