Kamado Joe Roadshow – Sunnyvale Costco – Febuary 3rd, 2017 thru February 12th, 2017

As many of my readers know I am in the market for a ceramic style smoker/grill specifically the Kamado Joe brand and I have been waiting for their Costco roadshow to make a stop in the Bay Area.   From my research online I know that Kamado Joe is releasing a 2017 model with about 7 new features as seen in the picture below and also available on Kamado Joe’s Facebook page.

Here is a link to the Facebook page:

Kamado Joe 2017 upgrades in detail

One of the main reasons for me to go to the Roadshow (2/3/2017 thru 2/12/2017) even though the 2017 model hasn’t yet been released yet is to inquire about the new model.   Carl, who is the western territorial manager, was very informative and gave me some insight into the new model’s pricing and availability.   He indicated that he should have the new models by March and that it will be $1,499 roadshow price ($300 increase over the current model $1,199) for the Big Joe 24″.

The Kamado Joe lump charcoal also received a product change. Carl told me their lump charcoal (2pk for $29.99) now comes in larger chunks and I can confirm they are significantly larger which should make for nice long burn times.

Not surprisingly, Carl told me he sold four (at least a Big Joe) even before the roadshow started, which tells you how high in demand these awesome grills are.  While I was talking to him, he must have sold at least two classics in the span of 20 minutes.  I was definitely itching to buy the “old” model but definitely wanted the latest and greatest.

One thing Carl did emphasize is there never was a “buy a Classic and you get a Joe Jr.” deal, which has been circulating on the Internet and forums.  I, too, thought that if real, was a really, really sweet deal!  He states that it is completely false and many customers refuse to take no for an answer and some have even went so far as to complain to Costco management.  I even asked him about another “promotion” circulating on the forums – if I buy a Big Joe, do I get a free bag of lump charcoal?  Of course he said that is also a fake promotion circulating on the forums.