Costco / Yardistry 12×14 and 12×12 Gazebo on sale at!

If you’re in the market for the Yardistry Gazebo, now is the time as Costco is offering both sizes at a substantial discount

12×14 Online Price $1,499.99
Less -$300.00
Your Price $1,199.99 (online price includes S/H)
Warehouse Price $1,299′-x-14′-Cedar-Gazebo-With-Aluminum-Roof-.product.100351084.html

12×12 Online Price $1,399.99

Less -$300.00

Your Price $1,099.99 (online price includes S/H)

Warehouse Price $1,199.99′-x-12′-Gazebo-with-Aluminum-Roof-by-Yardistry.product.100232830.html

Shipping and handling included for both sizes.  Technically it’s only $100 savings from the warehouse price since shipping is actually $200 but in this deal the shipping is considered free so it’s a bargain since you don’t have to rent a truck for the warehouse purchase.

Yardistry – Possible new Gazebo in 12′ x 14′ to be carried at Costco?

**Update 1/4/17 – I was browsing the reviews section on and came up this response from the company regarding the new 12′ x 14′ gazebo:


It looks like my speculation was spot on and Costco will be carrying this larger size probably in the spring of 2017.  Should be a high demand item like the 12′ x 12′ so if you see it, don’t hesitate and just load it onto your orange flatbed cart!**

I was browsing the Yardistry site and saw they are offering a 12′ x 14′ version of their popular wood Gazebo.  We have the 12′ x 12′ and absolutely love it.  It’s beautiful and well constructed.  Not only that, the customer service for replacement parts is the best I have seen.  Kudos to Costco and Yardistry for offering a great product and great service.  I hope this larger version will make it’s way to Costco soon.

Here is a link