Costco San Jose – Item #707636 – Whalen 72″ Workbench

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Oh man I saw this on–Metal-and-Wood-Workbench-.product.100318497.html

And was totally drooling over it until I saw the $150 S&H which is half the cost of the work bench itself!  Ouch. usually includes S&H into the price but recently I have seen them make it an additional fee.  Profits must be slipping or something for them to start charging it separately.  Luckily for San Jose and Bay Area members, you can find this (so far) at the Costco on Senter Road and Almaden Expressway for the cash and carry price of $299.99 + tax!  If only I didn’t spend my Christmas allowance I would totally get this.  What a beauty she is and totally adds to the man cave look.  I believe it comes with heavy duty castors which wasn’t on the live display model but the page.

Costco Review – Item #1043254 Vacmaster Wall Mountable Wet and Dry Vac w/ Remote

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I just purchased one of these and am pretty satisfied with the suction performance (after all I do own 5 Dyson vacuums :), and am very surprised at how relatively quiet it is when operating.  I think the coolest feature is the remote starter on the hose suction end which I have never seen as a feature before.  This allows you to start and stop the vacuum without having to go to the main unit especially if its pretty far away when using the included very long hose.  Another selling point for me is the wall mount capability and we all know how valuable garage floor space is.  At $69.99 until only today (11/30/16), it is a bargain.  This unit is actually under the DuraVac brand which is the Canadian subsidiary (?) of VacMaster

Here is a link


Overall I love this shop vac.  There are other shop vac Costco carries for around the $30-$40 range but IMHO are complete crap and are louder than a jetliner on take off.  In the past I have had to return these units and was completely unsatisfied with them (Kubota and Stanley).  However, the Vacmaster is a very good value for the money in term of all it’s features, plus you get Costco’s legendary return policy if something ever goes wrong.

Pros: Remote on/off (MUST HAVE!), lightweight, wall mountable (YES!), powerful suction (BONUS!), relatively less noise than other vacs in the 4-5hp category, lots of included accessories, very long hose extension, and excellent performance to value rating especially at the sale price of $69.99

Cons: None

Main uses: Attic clean up (lightweight and ease of transport), garage clean up and woodworking (saw dust), and possible use as a car vacuum.

My rating 5/5

As always call your nearest local Costco,  press option 1 and give them the item number to check on store inventory in and around your local warehouses.



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