Week of February 28th, 2017 – Weekly Bay Area Treasure Hunt – Costco Gilroy, CA

One of the more interesting finds was the ceramic Pitboss BBQ grill which lists for $750 online (presumably $150 S&H charge).

Here is a link:

Costco Pit boss Ceramic Grill online

Great find if you are looking for a good economical ceramic BBQ grill aside from the much more expensive Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe’s.

Saw these nice outdoor gardening sets at this Costco and they are a great deal.  However, if you can wait and don’t need them immediately, wait 1-2 months and they will go on clearance.  Only caveat is if they can’t move them by season’s end around the end of June.  I got last year’s model set which is similar for under $10 over at the Almaden Costco around June.

This is also a great deal since my kids are outgrowing the baby size one that you get at Toys R us.  Might have to pick this up when the weather gets better.

Saw this cooler from Tommy Bahama that I haven’t (yet) seen at local Bay Area Costcos.  The only thing is that the wood isn’t Teak which is the wood to have when you leave stuff like this outside and exposed to water and all the nasty weather stuff.  Still I have yet to see this available at other Bay Area Costcos.  Great deal if you entertain a lot outdoors.

Not sure many are still looking for the Dyson hot/cool since this is a much older model without the Pure Link/app and HEPA features available on the newer models which you can find easily on Costco.com (I have the Dyson HEPA fan with the Pure Link and I don’t think I can go back to not having it.  Makes setting and turn on the fan/filter from anywhere in the world that much more convenient!).   If you need a really good heater that doubles as a child friendly fan,  I would hold off on buying these because once the weather gets hotter, I think they’ll get a deeper discount just to get them off the shelf.   Seems to be only available in Gilroy warehouse.

2 thoughts on “Week of February 28th, 2017 – Weekly Bay Area Treasure Hunt – Costco Gilroy, CA”

  1. Phil, you mentioned the Dyson hepa filter. My mom has big hepa purifiers because she has sensitive lungs. I was thinking of getting these for their vents, but now I’m thinking this in addition since you say you love it. Where do you put yours?

    These vent filters get high reviews even though $.


    Is the Dyson one this? https://smile.amazon.com/Dyson-Pure-Cool-Purifier-White/dp/B01CRA5WP8/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1488736287&sr=8-7&keywords=dyson+hepa+filter

    1. Hi Amy, sorry I didn’t get this post notification. I am still learning the features of my blog and apparently I have to manually approve comments (for the time being). I’ll text you on this. Thanks for visiting and making comments my blog! Definitely need the traffic!

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