– Item #1095358 – Whalen 48″ Black Stainless Steel Rolling Workbench – $379.99 + $99.99 S&H

Saw this the other day on What’s New section.  Looks really nice and another quality product from Whalen.  However, there are two things that prevents me from the “I gotta have it no matter what” mentality. The first is the “black stainless steel” which is great if you have matching tool chests in the same color, but when you have everything in all “standard” shiny stainless steel, this will definitely look out of place.  Still, that wasn’t the biggest issue at least to me.  My gripe is with the $100 S&H!  I understand it’s big and heavy but psychologically, Costco should have just made the price $479.99 with FREE shipping because that just looks more appealing. Like with the Whalen Industrial Bench, here’s hoping it shows up at a Costco near you and the price will be only $379.99.  I am thinking it will because Whalen products seem to be selling really well at the warehouses.  Give me a shout out if any of my readers see it at their local warehouses.

2 thoughts on “ – Item #1095358 – Whalen 48″ Black Stainless Steel Rolling Workbench – $379.99 + $99.99 S&H”

  1. This Whalen model is in stock at local Sacramento, CA warehouses. I was considering this or the a 56″ model from the Trinity line through I have held off because these rolling workbenches all seem to be approx 37″ in height. To fit in the area I want it for… I need it to be no higher than 34.5″, but still be able to roll. I was considering purchase some aftermarket 2.5 – 3″ casters (from a bigbox hardware store) and see if I can get those to mount and provide sufficient support.

    Unfortunately, I waited too long and the $130 discount ended on the 56″ Trinity rolling workbench (Item #1111345).

    1. Thanks, Gary for the heads up on the sale and in stock. Man, I definitely would have drove to Sacramento to pick up these black versions.

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