Item #1002373 Kirkland Organic Unsweetened Almond Milk

So I was not sure why Costco (Senter Road) stopped carrying the unsweetened version of almond milk and only the sweetened vanilla flavor (for those counting carbs or on low carb, the unsweetened vanilla is 0 carbs vs 7g per cup for the sweetened vanilla flavor).  Apparently, they don’t carry the Silk brand or more likely Costco is having Silk private label as Kirkland brand.  Hopefully the price is relatively the same and holds steady because the price for almond milk used to be around $7-8 for a three-pack but is now almost $11!  Will update local price when I see it in stock.

Kamado Joe Special Event – Sunnyvale, CA – Week of Feburary 3rd, 2017

If you’re a BBQ fanatic and in the market for a ceramic smoker, I just spoke to a Kamado Rep and he said the Costco Special event for the Bay Area will be in Sunnyvale beginning Friday, February 3rd.  The date hasn’t been updated on the site but check back regularly (every two weeks is what I’ve been told).  Furthermore, I’ve been reading on the BBQ forums and the Kamado Costco roadshows have limited in stock / on hand models and once they sell out, you will need to wait for another roadshow at another location.  I believe they will be selling the three models including specifically the Big Joe 24″ that I personally am in the market for.

Here is a link to the Kamado / Costco Roadshow event schedule

Kamado Joe Costco Special Event Schedule

I will update if I hear anything different.


Yardistry – Possible new Gazebo in 12′ x 14′ to be carried at Costco?

**Update 1/4/17 – I was browsing the reviews section on and came up this response from the company regarding the new 12′ x 14′ gazebo:


It looks like my speculation was spot on and Costco will be carrying this larger size probably in the spring of 2017.  Should be a high demand item like the 12′ x 12′ so if you see it, don’t hesitate and just load it onto your orange flatbed cart!**

I was browsing the Yardistry site and saw they are offering a 12′ x 14′ version of their popular wood Gazebo.  We have the 12′ x 12′ and absolutely love it.  It’s beautiful and well constructed.  Not only that, the customer service for replacement parts is the best I have seen.  Kudos to Costco and Yardistry for offering a great product and great service.  I hope this larger version will make it’s way to Costco soon.

Here is a link